Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Books I liked: The Help and Wolf Winter

The Help, by Katherine Stockett: If you haven't read this book yet, and it's on your TBR, I highly, highly suggest you pick up the audio version. The multiple-narrator formula worked really well here, not only to show different viewpoints of the story, but different viewpoints of the narrators. I really, really liked Aibileen, but I fell in love with her through Skeeter's eyes. Watching them develop through the POV of their comrades was spectacular. Also, as a villain, Hilly Holbrook gives Dolores Umbridge a run for her Galleons. 

Wolf Winter, by Cecelia Eckbäck: Someone on Goodreads described this as a "good blizzard book," and I couldn't agree more. Dark, atmospheric, this is what the Hangman's Daughter wanted to be but fell short of (for me, anyway). There's also a smattering of the supernatural to keep things unexpected.

A side note on Swedish fiction in general...I've read a few books by Swedish authors now, and one thing they all have in common are casually placed, strong female characters. Just scattered about, like they belong there. Which of course, they do, but...I kind of feel like I'm standing openmouthed, like, "look at all the trees!" And the Swedes are like, "um, yeah, it's a forest?" Definitely making Swedish fiction a priority from here on out. 

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