Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Maked These

It's that time of year again...when Jackie ruins her hands carving pumpkins. At least this year I didn't do five. Seriously. I couldn't bend my thumb for like two weeks after that. 

Here's my favorite: 

If you've ever met me, chances are I've been wearing a Hello Kitty shirt of one incarnation or another. I fiend over HK. 

This one didn't turn out quite as well: 

He's supposed to be wearing sunglasses, but you can't really tell. Also a piece of his face (bone?) fell off and I had to stick it back on with straight pins. So far he's holding together. 

I also made these spooky eyes to put out during trick-or-treat. However, as you can see, craft projects in my house spiral quickly out of control:

He bit me when I tried to take them back. 😼

Sadly, we got just over a dozen trick-or-treaters, so we have quite the over abundance of candy. And hardly anybody got to see my cool hairdo. 

Happy Halloween!

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