Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Google "clover mites," and you'll find out what's wrong with the world

Yesterday afternoon, I was weeding my front garden. I looked down and saw those teeny-tiny, bright red bugs running around on the concrete. You know the ones; I think I've heard them called "brick mites" before. Anyway, I realized I didn't know what they were actually called, so I Googled it. 

As you may have guessed from the title, they're called clover mites. They drink the sap from grass and other vegetation, but not enough to cause harm to the plants; in fact, high numbers of clover mites are a sign of a healthy lawn or garden. They don't bite or damage property; interestingly, it's impossible for them to infest a home, as some strange quirk of their physiology renders them unable to reproduce indoors. 

And, after telling me this, every single page Google returned told me how to kill these "nuisance pests."


Yeah. They don't hurt anything, they don't eat anything, and yet apparently they are classified as a nuisance because, when you squish them, their tiny scarlet bodies leave tiny scarlet stains. 

And that's what's wrong with the world today. If you can't figure out the metaphor, take a good, long look in the mirror, and consider that you may be part of the problem.  

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