Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Race Day At The Zoo

This morning, I ran in The Great Ambulance Chase 5k. It benefitted Cetronia Ambulance (specifically, their community outreach and education program). It's a fabulous cause, but the real reason I chose this race is because it was at the Lehigh Valley Zoo!

"Petunia, do you have any change?" "No, sorry, all I have is a $20."

This is only my second race ever, but it's definitely my favorite. It was really well-organized, and the volunteers were so friendly. Also, the organizers get mad props from me, for giving us a poly-blend t-shirt we could actually run in! (Most of the time, you get a cotton tee, and cotton chafes when you get sweaty.)

It matched my pants better than the one I was wearing, so I decided to change. 

Public bathroom selfies are SOOO high-class. Also, it was freezing, and I got caught by a stranger trying to warm myself up under the hand dryer. Awkwaaaard. 

And the course! OMG, the course. It was the most beautiful run I've ever taken. The loop went through the wooded Trexler Game Preserve, all along the Jordan Creek, over footbridges and even a covered bridge (!). It finished up inside the zoo, with emus and ibex cheering you on through the last leg. Thanks in part to their help, I beat my previous PR by almost a minute. 

A friendly volunteer welcomed racers at the finish line (the girl was nice, too).

With the hard part over, I got to wander around the zoo a bit, so here are some assorted photos: 

^see the little baby goat she's feeding?
^Peregrine's looking like, "Dat ass!"

It was a superb day, and I give the event itself a 10/10. Highly recommend, and I'll be back next year!

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