Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Week In Review (4/29-5/6)

Now that I've discovered I can write halfway-decent blogs on my phone, there really isn't any excuse, is there? I guess I just feel like I'm boring. Ah well, lovelies. Prepare to be bored, I guess?

What I Watched: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. I didn't think much of the first movie, since it was a badly mutilated carcass of the book, but enough time has passed since I read the books now that I could watch this movie without worries. Good flick, and Nathan Fillion's cameo was, as always, dee-vine. 

What I Read: The Naturals, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I waited for a while on this one—for some reason, Barnes's books are always either hit or extreme miss for me—but this one was a definite hit. I also started from the beginning on Cassandra Clare's TMI series, since the last one comes out at the end of the month (squee!).

What I Did: Ran a lot, as usual, though a bit slower, since hubby is trying to get back into it with me after taking the entire fall/winter off. Going forward, though, the schedule should be interesting; I'm taking almost all of next week off in prep for my 5k on Saturday, and then the following week I start my 10k training. 
On that subject, has anyone used the Coach function on Nike+? The convenience is very attractive, but six weeks seems a little accelerated! I know comments don't always work here for some reason, so please feel free to leave a response on my Facebook page (link at the bottom!)

I guess the good news is that this post has given me several ideas for other posts, so check back in soon for more on the progress of my Swedish lessons and other running-related stuff. See you soon!

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