Thursday, November 6, 2014


I usually remember on Friday morning that Throwback Thursday was the day before. But my dad just sent me a couple of pictures, which kind of set this up nicely for me. 

I liked this one in particular:

Me, obviously, probably around age seven or eight. I haven't gotten much taller since this was taken. 

My parents, I think, tried to encourage me to have an interest in people by buying me Barbies. I ignored them and carted around her animal friends, like her horse. This is a fairly accurate foreshadowing of myself as an adult.  

The dog in the photo was named Sunny. I have some pretty awesome dogs right now, but Sunny...Sunny was one in a million. She was born right in our basement, one of seven puppies in the litter of a pregnant stray who adopted us. 
I can barely remember what happened yesterday, but I can still remember all the names of those puppies: Brutus, Sunny, Honey, Bunny, Baby, Bear, and Sweetheart. 

We rehomed her mother and the other six in the litter, but Sunny stayed with us. That dog was legendary. Every one of my childhood friends remembers her, probably because she was the one who looked after us while we played in the woods. Utterly sweet to people and animals, but protective when push came to shove—she once attacked and drove off a stray dog that came after my friends and I.
I also like this photographic evidence that, once upon a time, I could pull off bangs. I got bangs for the first time since the nineties a few weeks ago. When loosed upon the world, they stand straight up. I look like Johnny Bravo.

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