Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Fox On The Wall

I first saw him right after Christmas. It made sense; a family loading up their Christmas loot, screaming kids hopped up on sugar--he got left behind. And some kind passerby propped him up on a nearby stone wall, hoping someone would see him and claim him.

A week went by, and no one did. I tried to rescue him at that point, but after being left out in the snow and the cold, his poor fur had frozen to the stone, and I was afraid to tear it. I promised him I'd be back. My dog Dobby became strangely attached to him, wagging his tail hello every time we passed.

After two weeks of crappy weather, we had a thaw, and I was finally able to bring his sad, soggy self home.

He went right into the hot water wash, since he'd been out in the elements for a while and had probably picked up some kind of fox herpes or something. My dog Dobby was deeply concerned for him and sat by the washer, waiting. 

He emerged unscathed, and much fluffier and sweeter-smelling. 

If you know a kid missing a fox of his description, please let me know--I'd like to make every effort to get him home. If not, Ylvis will have a happy life with the Sylvans.  

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