Sunday, March 1, 2015

Falafel and Matzo Balls

It's snowing again. Have I mentioned I'm sick of snow? 

By far, the most interesting thing that happened this week was that my parents' DNA tests came back. Mom's is on the left, Dad's on the right. 

The big shocker; we always thought my mother was about 75% French/German, 25% Irish. Turns out, we're as much Irish as we are Jewish and Middle Eastern. It adds a really fascinating new dimension to our heritage. My dad is a geneaologist (can't really call him 'amateur' anymore, he's been doing it for so many years) and he's recently turned his attention to Mom's side of the family. I can't wait for him to find the actual human connection behind the genetic material. 

Oh, and speaking of geneaologist, maybe someday soon I'll tell you about the epic murder scandal Dad unearthed. 

Finally, here is a picture of Dobby reading Unspoken with me. 

Have a great week!

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