Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vacation Roundup

Sorry I dropped off the grid here for a few weeks, but I had a good reason...I was in Florida!

Well, I was only in Florida for three days, but the preparations, etc, had me busy for quite a while. We were there to visit family, but we still got to do and see quite a few things!

First, we took a riverboat tour around Merritt Island.

One of the things I really wanted to do was to see a manatee in the wild, and this trip granted that wish. I didn't take any pictures of the manatee, because I wanted to be in the moment and not peering through my phone's lens, but we also got to see dolphins!

We also learned quite a bit about the island. Below, you can see what's left of Annie, the Merritt Island dragon. Until a tropical storm blew through and broke her up, she was large enough to contain two rooms, and according to our guides, "breathed" actual fire. You can also see the abandoned home of the guy who built her.

Then we stopped at an orange grove stand, Harvey's. The orange trees grow just like birches or pines up here.

Melbourne, Florida is also the winter home of the Washington Nationals. It was right down the road, so of course we had to check it out. Here you can see Bryce Harper, and Jayson Werth (he's the one rocking the Sasquatch style).

We also spent some time in a local wetland, owned and preserved by a utility company. They do a great job; there's a fantastic array of wildlife. Lots and lots of gators, too!

No, really, lots of gators. You kind of have to watch your feet. (Watch till the end; it's worth it.)

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