Sunday, July 7, 2013


Ha, so remember how I said in my video blog that I would be blogging every week? Remember how that was two weeks ago?
Yeah. Sorry about that. I suck. Mainly because there are so many excuses to NOT do a video blog, like bad hair days, and people in the house (talking to people who aren't there and having to do about five hundred takes is awkward when your husband is in the other room!) or you forgot and worked out first and now you're all red in the face and sweaty, or you'd have to go put on makeup first...
However, procrastination apparently leads to INspiration, because today I figured I'd blog about--you guessed it!--procrastination.
I am a chronic procrastinator, which is bad enough, but when you add a short-term memory problem to the mix, things get really complicated. For instance:

Dryer: BRAAAAAAP! (This is the closest I can come phonetically to the sound my dryer makes when it is done.)
Me (reading article on internet): Okay, hang on. Give me five minutes to finish this...
Five minutes later:
Me (now watching YouTube video further explaining concept touched on in article): Argh. Okay, let me just finish this video...
Me (now catching up on YouTube subscriptions): Son of a...okay, last video. Then I'll go switch the laundry.
Dryer: ......
Me: I'm hungry. Let me go make something to eat. Oh, the dogs have to go out. Let me take them out first and then I'll eat. Wow, the sink is really dirty. I should probably clean it. Ugh, now I smell like vinegar. Might as well take a shower now, then!
Hours later, lying in bed:

Some variety of this scenario happens pretty much every day. I start off with a to-do list. If I accomplish five of those ten things, I actually consider it a win. For me, half-done ain't half-bad.
With that, I'm going to go switch the laundry and work on my friend's baby shower blanket. (the shower is in two weeks, I'm less than a third of the way done, can you say RELEVANT, people??)
See you in (hopefully) a week!

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